Pipes are an integral part of our infrastructure. They form the backbone of our modern society.

Pipelines connect factories, manufacturers, refiners and consumers and thus, so to speak, form the "veins of our economy". They transport a variety of raw materials (such as water, oil, gas or chemicals) safer and more environmentally friendly than individual truck, ship or rail transport.

With our global trading activities in the pipe business, we help to keep the organism raw material supply going.

Products and services

  • seamless & welded pipes
  • commercial pipes
  • construction tubes and hollow sections
  • piling pipes
  • OCTG
  • pipe accessories (elbows, flanges, fittings, etc.)
  • Precision tubes
  • Stainless tubes

  • project management
  • financial and logistics concepts
  • merging product groups into package solutions
  • coating & finishing

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